My name is Beth Friese and I recently earned my Ph.D. in Language and Literacy Education at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA.

Currently, I teach courses in Children’s Literature and Language Arts to future elementary and middle school teachers at the University of Georgia. I am also a literacy consultant in K-12 schools, specializing in reading, writing, children’s literature and digital literacies. I am the Chair of the American Library Association Committee on Literacy. I also serve on the ALA Digital Literacy Task Force, the Editorial Board for AASL’s Knowledge Quest, and AASL’s Research and Statistics Committee.

My research interests revolve around libraries and the literacies that are possible in library spaces, especially as related to youth. I am a passionate (and unlikely) graphic literature reader – especially graphic nonfiction. I also love poetry and informational books.

My undergraduate major was in Philosophy (Oberlin College, ’96) and I have carried my love of theory forward into my doctoral studies. I’m theoretically eclectic, but at the moment I am reading Bourdieu and poststructuralism. I am a critical, qualitative / mixed methods researcher.

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