Before I began this blog, I was honored to contribute guest posts on wonderful library blogs.

Here are links to those posts:

Reflecting on AASL / NCTE / ALAN (School Library Monthly Blog – thanks, Kristin!)

What Makes a Library a Library? (some poststructural musings via The Unquiet Librarian – thanks, Buffy!)

I am also the Beth that left a comment on Doug Johnson’s Blue Skunk Blog that took on a life of its own:

That comment became Where Are The Others? which in turn brought comments from several other prominent librarian bloggers, many of which are linked from Touching Some Nerves on Joyce Valenza’s NeverEnding Search and in Doug’s follow up post Practicing Visionaries.

As my Dad always said, “the opposite of ‘like’ isn’t ‘don’t like’, it’s ‘don’t care’.”  It was all very unexpected, but my Dad would have been proud. There is something to be said for pushing the conversation.


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