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Making a Comeback


Graduation Day at UGA

So, it’s been a while since I posted here.

It’s not for lack of things to talk about. Actually, there’s been quite a bit going on in my life over the past year.  Most notably, I completed my doctoral research project and wrote (and wrote and wrote and rewrote) my 296-page dissertation about literacies and a middle school library media program. I defended my paper in May and graduated from the University of Georgia in August, 2012. In between my dissertation defense and graduation, I participated in the Red Clay Writing Project Summer Institute at the University of Georgia.

Both of these experiences, the dissertation and Red Clay, seem like they would provide many insights to blog about, and they did. But, as my major professor told me, there comes a point in the Ph.D. process where even some of the important things have to be set aside in order to get the work done. I’m happy to  agree with that statement from the other side of the fancy-letters-after-my-last-name milestone.

Slowly but surely, I’m regaining many of those important things that had to wait for a while, including blogging. I’m sure I’ll revisit all that’s happened in the past year as time goes on. I’m also anxious to share some of my new experiences teaching master’s students, and working in local K-8 schools in various roles.

For now, I’m hoping my comeback will be like one of those rare and cherished friendships: the kind where six months, a year, even two years can go by, but the moment you get back together, it’s just like you’d never been apart. So, I’m back, hoping to pick up where we left off. Enough about me. How have you all been?


A Preview: Library Research Seminar V

In just a few days, I’ll be headed to Library Research Seminar V (LRS-V) at the University of Maryland. I’ve been looking forward to this conference since I first heard about it two years ago at the International Association of School Librarians conference in Berkeley, California. Friends I met there said that Library Research Seminar was a great venue to share ideas with smart researchers and practitioners from all areas of librarianship.  The program looks excellent. I’ll be attending as many sessions about school and public libraries, youth services, and literacies as I can.

I am grateful to have been awarded a Student Fellowship for LRS-V, sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.  This fellowship will allow me to attend the conference. In return, I’ll be blogging and presenting a session.  So, you’ll be seeing more posts later in the week about this conference.  I’ll be presenting a session on Friday morning which covers the methodology for my dissertation.  I’m anxious to talk to librarians and researchers about their ideas regarding literacies, ethnography, and youth. I’m expecting to learn a lot!

Since I also spend time on twitter, I’ll be tweeting from the conference at  I’ve been watching twitter recently and have seen little mention of this conference.  I’m hoping this will change as the conference gets closer.  I’ll be proposing the hashtag #lrsv.  Is anyone reading this going to join me?

More soon, from Maryland!

As always, thanks for reading.

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